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- Friday, September 16, 2011 12:59:54


The doorbell rang.
I'd been sleeping for sixteen hours. I thought I was dreaming the sound of the doorbell ringing.
Then I woke, and knew it was real.
Joe Stefko had said it would be here today.
I crawled out, got on some pants, and Susan had answered the door. She was holding a 9 lb. box.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have lived to see it; lived to hold it in both hands. It took more than eightyears to create.

THE GLASS TEAT OMNIBUS (what I AKA it as "The Compleat Glass Teat) is out. It's real, at last.
If there has ever been, in my vision, a more exquisite classic artifact, I cannot name it. My heart today is owned by Joe Stefko. You will not believe what has been made a marvel.
If you haven't seen the ads in RARE BOOKS, go to the Charnel House website, and feast your eyes. I have letter "H" of 26. There are now many less for sale of the original limited edition of 250 copies. It is SO swell!

Thank you, Joe. Thank you, my friend.




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